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All students graduated from Electrical Engineering Program receive a Degree in Bachelor of Electrical Engineering. Head of the Electrical Engineering Department and the Deanship of Admissions and registration are jointly responsible for ensuring that all graduating students have met all the graduation requirements. With the help of the online registration system, the deanship of admissions and registration ensures that graduating students fulfill all the requirements for graduation. Deanship of Admissions and Registration ensures that graduating students from Electrical Engineering program has completed 27 credit hours in the PYP presented in previous section A (Admission Requirement).


The graduation requirement of the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Program requires completing the Electrical Engineering curriculum which consists of 132 credit hours in addition to the PYP curriculum of 27 credit hours as an admission requirement. According to the University regulations, the student cumulative average should be 2.0 or more out of 5.0 at the time of graduation.