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Students, especially after few years of graduation (3-5 years), are likely to gain additional perspectives on the Electrical Engineering program and even on few specific courses. The alumni evaluate their degree not only regarding their skills but also the future reputation of the department. Their view is one that can be incorporated because they possess the experience of matriculating in the program as well as practicing in the profession. The alumni are, therefore, critical in providing general feedback about the program and the curriculum, and to view the program concerning how it has supported their career development. They represent a mirror in which the current students can see their future image

 Employers of Alumni 

Engineers are essential in providing inputs to the program. Their needs and opinions strongly influence the program improvement. Their satisfaction reflects a positive image of our alumni affects the reputation of the program and places our graduates at a competitive advantage in the job market. The input of employers obtained through their participation in the EE Advisory Council. This committee meets once a year where the members review and provide input for the curriculum and approve necessary improvement of the Program Educational Objectives (PEOs). PEOs guide to employers in determining whether the graduates from the program will be the best fit for employment in their business or industry