Scientific Research and Graduate Studies committee - College of Engineering

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Dr. Mohammad Alharthai

Dr. Ibrahim Hakeem

Dr. Ismail Elkhrachy

Dr. Abdulnoor Ghanim





  1. Prepare a research database and prepare annual reports on the results of the department in scientific research.

  2. Preparing the scientific research plan for the department so that it receives the research interests of the faculty members of the faculty and considers future interests.

  3. Work to form research groups within the Department in various fields

  4. Evaluating projects, research, and consultancy at the community level in southern Saudi Arabia.

  5. Providing and working on designs and consulting with the local community. Encourage and support scientific research.

  6. Urge scientific publication in world-class scientific journals.

  7. Consider the participation of faculty members in seminars and conferences and develop a mechanism for doing so. Organize seminars and participate with different sections.

  8. Holding workshops and courses at the college, department, and community levels.

  9. Preparing mechanisms and incentives for students to encourage them to improve their academic achievement. Preparing and proposing awards and incentive awards for the employees of the department in various fields.

  10. Submit all periodic reports to the QAAC.

  11. Any other work and tasks assigned to the committee by the chairman of the department.