Graduate Studies committee - College of Engineering

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Dr. Ismail Elkhrachy

Dr. Mohammad Alharthai

Dr. Saleh Al-Salem

Dr. Ibrahim Hakeem

Dr. Moustafa Abdulrahim

Dr. Abdulnoor Ghanim







  1. Develop, maintain, and monitor policy and procedures for the operation of the Department's graduate program, consistent with Graduate Studies Deanship rules.

  2. Review proposals for new or revised graduate degree programs, graduate minors, graduate interdisciplinary specializations, and other curricular matters.

  3. Prepare, publish, and distribute documents describing the Department and describing policies, rules, and procedures for Department programs, including maintaining and issuing M.S. and Ph.D. brochures.

  4. Handle administrative tasks necessary to keep the graduate program operating in accordance with Departmental and University rules and regulations.

  5. Developing criteria for new applicants and maintaining regulations of the department for the selection process

  6. Updating/revising the criteria for new applicants and maintaining the department’s regulations for the selection process.

  7. Provide oversight for interdisciplinary graduate programs.

  8. Any other work and tasks assigned to the committee by the chairman of the department.