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Dr. Ali Alhamami

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Shehri

Dr. Mana Almansour

Dr. Saleh Al-Salem

Dr. Mohammad Alharthai

Dr. Mohammed Abo-Saq

Dr. Amer Fennes

Dr. Fadi Al-thoey










  2. Evaluation of new faculty position applications. Review and update faculty needs for the department.

  3. Preparing a mechanism to support distinguished faculty members who provide exceptional contributions and services to the department.

  4. Preparing a mechanism to evaluate the performance of faculty members and department employees and linking them with rewards.

  5. Examining the papers of the applicant for promotion to the rank of associate professor and the rank of professor and verifying that the legal conditions and procedures are fulfilled.

  6. Selection of arbitrators to evaluate the applicant's research for promotion.

  7. Checking applicants' files for promotion before uploading them and ensuring that the candidate meets the conditions and regulations.

  8. Preparing transparent disciplinary mechanisms and procedures to activate the role of accountability for the department’s employees, preparing an ethics document for the department’s employees, coordinating with committees in other departments in the college, and approving it.

  9. Any other work and tasks assigned to the committee by the chairman of the department.