Community Service Committee - College of Engineering

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Dr. Saleh Al-Salem

Dr Mohammad Alharthai

Dr. Mana Almansor

Dr. Fadi Al-thoey

Dr. Moustafa Abdulrahim






  1. Implementing the initiatives and outputs of the University and College strategic plan in terms of community service.

  2. Suggesting community activities for Department staff in line with the program's vision, mission, and objectives.

  3. Building effective partnerships between the community and the Department through the College Deanship.

  4. Activating partnership and cooperation with the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education.

  5. Encourage employees and students to participate in community service programs.

  6. Supervising the organization of courses, lectures and seminars in the field of social responsibility and community service.

  7. Evaluation of community activities presented by Department staff.

  8. Any other work and tasks assigned to the committee by the chairman of the department.