Chairman - College of Engineering



Head of Electrical Engineering Department

On behalf of our faculty and staff, I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the Electrical Engineering Department at Najran University.

This department was established with the establishment of the university due to the importance of this department and its graduates to progress of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As the department produces elite electrical engineers who have an active role in the design, development, and operation of various systems in fields of renewable energy systems, electric power, communications and electronics. The department also has faculty members who obtained their qualifications from prestigious international universities from different countries of the world, which creates a unique and diverse experience for students and members.

The department also has educational laboratories equipped with the latest equipment to meet the fields of electrical engineering.

We hope that you will consider joining our department as a freshman as you take your first steps in your future career. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Head of the Electrical Engineering Department

Saleh S. Almasabi