Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

His Excellency, the Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr.: Gibran Marei Bin Al-Qahtani 02/02/1435 AH

The authorities and functions of the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs


  • He is responsible for assisting the Rector in all matters related to the administration of the academic affairs at the university. He provides leadership with all ideas and suggestions for  developing the administration's duties .
  •  provides leadership in creating and maintaining academic standards and policies

                In addition , he supervises and follows up their performance as it must be.

The following tasks belongs to the vice rector for academic affairs

1-Supervision of educational affairs at the University's faculties

2-- Preparation of field studies about the obstacles of academic performance within the university , developing appropriate solutions and following up their implementation

3-Supervising the course of the administrative and technical acts of deanships and scientific departments associated with it, and working on raising the level of the performance

4-Ratification of the evaluation job performance of units staff and departments associated with it

5-To approve the granting of usual  and extraordinary  vacations for employees of deanships, and related departments and to inform the general administration for faculty staff affairs  to complete the legal procedures.

6-Continuous communication with deans of the colleges and deanships associated with it and studying the development performance and reviewing  the scientific and academic plans and programs. Providing specialized studies to expand the majors and departments. Preparing proposal of the numbers that can be accepted in colleges, according to the college capabilities and needs of the community, suggests books and references that colleges need to facilitate the educational process at the university stage, in  coordination with colleges.

7-The direct supervision of the academic loads for faculty teaching stuff, and conduct the necessary study and analysis, to comply with the proper  rules and regulations

8-Recommend approval for services of the collaborators and faculty members

that colleges need and  for other owners of science and knowledge, in public lectures and give orders to pay their financial dues