Leadership in conducting applied scientific and engineering research, and serving community organizations through scientific research.



- Motivating, managing, and organizing scientific research as well as research publishing.


- Communication with researchers from different collages that are served by the Center to solve multidisciplinary problems.


- Communication with national and international research centers, and establishing effective partnerships to develop scientific research.


- Participating in community service and development through scientific research.


- Enriching university environment by organizing conferences and seminars as well as scientific and training activities.



- Establishment of multidisciplinary research clusters in applied science, engineering and computer science.


- Evaluating research projects in the field of applied science, engineering and computer science.


- Organizing partnerships with local organizations to study and resolve their problems through scientific research.


- Exchanging experience and achieving cooperation between the Center and other national and international scientific and research institutions.


- Exploiting the laboratories' equipment and computer software of Science and Arts College, Engineering college, and Computer Science college in order to provide an environment that support research and innovation.


- Conducting seminars and workshops for faculty members to spread the philosophy of scientific research.


- Publishing and documenting research in scientific journals as well as exchanging scientific periodic prints.