Educational Research Unit

Objectives of the Unit:

(1) Develop and raise the awareness of the quality of educational and psychological research.

(2) Provide research consultations for postgraduates and teachers.

(3) Activating community participation through the development of research skills among teachers of general education, and contribute to solving educational, psychological problems.

Activities of the Unit:

1- Contribute to the dissemination of faculty members research' in the University of Najran in the educational and psychological sciences.

2- Publishing translations of reference books in scientific research for educational and psychological disciplines.

3- Issuing a periodical journal to disseminate qualitative research in educational and psychological sciences.

4- Preparation of training courses for students of colleges of education, postgraduates, and instructors to reinforce the skills of scientific research.

5- Holding (monthly) seminars on the issues and problems of education from the reality of higher education, and public education (topics are proposed by members of the unit and members of the faculty of education).

6- Holding a biannual conference on the issue of scientific research in the field of educational and psychological sciences.

7- Supervising funded research in the field of education and psychology.

8- Pay attention to electronic communication through different channels with researchers, instructors and stakeholders to discuss educational and psychological issues, and contribute to solving them in a scientific way.

9- Providing a database of references and periodicals specialized in education and psychology, and link it to Arab and international databases.

10- Providing research consultations to researchers, postgraduates, and instructors.