Division Of The Department


Actively participate, in conjunction with the concerned parties, in the preparation of the university future plans, such as the five yearly development plan and fulfill its requirements.
Actively participate, in conjunction with the concerned parties, in the preparation of the plans’ timetables to execute the approved plans and observer its implementation and suggest any required modification.


Gather statistical data about the university and prepare its statistical databases.
Prepare required reports about the university progress such as the accomplishments report, annual report, maintenance report and the annual statistical report and submitting and distributing them in a timely manner.
Maintain the higher education board and university council’s policies, procedures and guidelines and others’ in a well outlined and indexed guide.
Build a broad database on the university’s employees, processes and procedures to gather, outline, index and preserve data in a fashion that facilitate extracting appropriate data.

Administrative Development:

Perform scientific and practical analyses to improve performance methods, enhance the quality of workmanship and identify the training needs for the university employees in all related fields through collaborations with the appropriate parties.
Suggest plans and programs required for training within the university in light of the practical training needs and monitoring its implementations.
Collecting recommendation requests, coordinating with the training parties and observing the training and the trainees and arranging with the responsible parties to reimburse trainees and training parties
Monitoring work methods within the university and submitting enhancing suggestions.
Simplify work procedures within the university and participate with the responsible parties in designing appropriate forms and updating the procedures manual.
Set up the necessary manuals to utilize instruments, tools and staples properly and suggest those suitable for the university needs