AbdulTawab M. Qahtan


College of Engineering 
Architectural Engineering 

Associate Professor ( Holds a PhD in Sustainable Design/Architecture from University of Malaya, Malaysia). His area of expertise includes: Sustainable Design; Building Thermal Performance; Passive cooling; Evaporative/Radiative passive cooling; Glazing; and Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV).

المؤهلات العلمية

PhD in Sustainable Architecture, ( Thesis Title: Performance of the glazed facades with a flowing sustainable water film exposed to direct solar  radiation), Department of architecture, Faculty of Built Environment, University of Malaya (UM), KL, Malaysia
MSc in Architectural Engineering, Department of Architectural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Bagdad, Iraq
Bachelor of Architecture, Department of Architectural engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Sana’a University, Yemen


Associate professor, department of architectural engineering, college of Engineering, Najran University, Najran, Saudi Arab Kingdome (16/7/2020 - present).
Assistant professor, Najran University, Najran, Saudi Arab Kingdome (15/9/2013 –7-2020)
Post-doctorate research fellow, Faculty of Built Environment, University of Malaya (UM), Malaysia, Oct. 2012- Sep.2013
Lecturer, Department of Architecture, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2008-10/8/2013).part-time
Lecturer, department of architectural engineering., College of engineering. Thamar University, Yemen (2002-2006).
Lecturer, department of architectural engineering, College of engineering, university of Science and Engineering, UST, Sana’a.  (2002 - 2004).
Lecturer, department of arch. Arwa Queen University, Sana’, Yemen (2003-2004)
Lecturer, college of engineering, Sana’ University, Sana’ Yemen (1997-1998)
Development and Quality Coordinator, Department of architectural engineering, college of Engineering, Nejran university, KSA, 2013- present
Member of the Supervisory Committee for Development and Quality at the College of Engineering 15/1/2021- Now
Physics Laboratory Manager of faculty of built environment, university of Malaya, 2009-2012
Manager of Urban Conservation and Tropical Architecture center (UCTA), department of Architecture, faculty of built environment, university of Malaya, Malaysia 2009-2012
Head of the academic affairs of the Yemeni Students Union-Malaysia, March 2008-March 2010 (elected)
Coordinator and site engineer of Construction Projects of pacific inter-link, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2007-2009) (residence and school)
Director of architectural section, Al-OFOQ Company-Sanaa, (2002-2005).

التخصصات والمهارات


External Examining & Peer review
  • , External Examiner Ph.D, Centre for Energy & Environment, Malaviya National Institute of Technology, India,Jan 2022.
No. Journal Total times From  
1 Energy and building (WoS) 7 2020  
2 Solar energy (WoS) 4 2018  
3 Building and environment (WoS) 1 2021  
4 Journal of green building (WoS) 3 2015  
5 EJER; Emirates Journal for Engineering Research 2 2015  

الدورات التدربية

Adam Alhawari, A. Almawgani, Qahtan A, (2021) Energy Efficient and Privacy Protection Window System for Smart Home Using PDLC Glass. International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE)., DOI: 10.11591/ijece.v9i4
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Qahtan, A., Rao, S. & Keumala, N.,(2014). The effectiveness of the sustainable flowing water film in improving the solar-optical properties of glazing in the tropics. Energy and Buildings, Volume 77, July 2014, Pages 247–255(Q1 ISI)
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Qahtan, A. M., Keumala, N. I. M., &Rao, S. P. (2010). Occupant satisfaction in respect to indoor environmental quality in energy efficient certified buildings in malaysia. Paper presented at the 16th International Conference of the CIB W104 Open Building Implementation on “Open and Sustainable Building”, Bilbao, Spain.
Qahtan, A., Keumala, N., Rao, S., & Abdul-Samad, Z. (2010). Field Analysis of Thermal Comfort in two Energy Efficient Office Buildings in Malaysia. Paper presented at the The Tenth International Conference for Enhanced Building Operations, Kuwait.

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Assigned courses in Najran University, KSA
Graduation projects (1&2)
Architectural Design Studios (2,3&5)
Elimination and Acoustics
Basic Architectural design studio
Theory of Architecture (1&2)
Field Training
Building construction
Working Designs

Students' Supervision
Undergraduate Final Year Projects
The Potential of Types and Positions of Window Blinds on Energy Performance in Residential Buildings in Najran city, 2020/2021
The Role of Glazing Type Incorporating Smart Shading on Daylighting, Thermal and Energy Saving in The Central Library of Najran University, 2019/2020
The Impact of Window Design on Daylighting and Energy Efficiency in Lecture Halls Adjoining the Courtyards at Najran University, 2018/2019
Passive Design for Energy-Efficient Residential Buildings in Hot-Arid Climate: Najran City, 2017/2018
Integration of Electrical Lighting-Daylighting for Energy Efficient Sports Halls In Najran, Saudi Arabia, 2016/2017

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