The government of the Two Holy Mosques, may Allah protect it, does her  best to comfort the Saudi citizen and put them culturally in the advanced ranks among advanced  people, The government did  strenuous efforts to put development plans to develop and  improve the good guided state , to meet the needs of the citizen ,providing them with means of comfort and create noble education and opportunities for  work throughout the sprawling Kingdom. The educational institutions, especially the University of Najran, have taken  the responsibility of preparing scientifically and technically qualified generations to cover development plans and to go on with the overall renaissance experienced by our Kingdom. The University of Najran felt great responsibility placed on it which  stemming from its position to contribute to this comprehensive development by preparing reliable generations for  the development, construction by using different techniques and handling  general engineering and construction-related issues in Najran region.

University Council agreed  to establish the Faculty of Engineering at 23/11/1430 H  due to the growing need of the country and Najran region for engineers and this is  to complete the blessed steps adopted by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques ,may Allah protect him .The college began with 2 departments ,civil and electrical engineering and architecture. Najran university provided the college  with a group of scientists specializing on the fields of engineering to teach our sons – the builders of the future of our beloved homeland. The university established the modern  laboratories and provided them with modern  tools according to the highest international standards to train our students. The university is still completing the establishment of three new sections in engineering, the  chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and industrial engineering.



Abdullah Alwadie, Ph.D.     

College of Engineering, Najran University