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The College of Engineering presents a lecture about the fighting drugs


On Monday 05/06/1437 AH the student activity unit at the College of Engineering in Najran university, in cooperation with the Drug Enforcement Administration in Najran arranged a lecture entitled "the drug threat impact on the individual and society" ,held by His Excellency Lieutenant Engineer / Faisal Bin Jaber affairs director of preventive anti-drug, at the auditorium in the presence of the college Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. / Abdullah Bin Saeed Wadie with collection of faculty members

The meeting was attended and it was full of optimism. The students have taken it upon themselves to transfer this outreach to members of the community to contribute to the protection of communities and individuals from this imminent danger.

At the end of the meeting, the dean of the College of Engineering expressed his thanks and gratitude to the Drug Enforcement Administration for the efforts they make in educating the community against this drug scourge, which has the consequences of rampant crime in the communities. The meeting is concluded by delivering the guest a memorial shield on this occasion