The Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques has done all efforts to ensure the welfare of its citizens and placed them in a position among highly civilized and cultural nations.

  As a first priority, great efforts have been exerted to propose development plans for the improvement of our beloved kingdom to meet the needs of the citizens. According to the governmental policies, the demands of the developmental plans and the Saudi nationwide renaissance, educational institutions have carried the responsibilities to build, educate and develop the generations who are the bases of development in all fields. As part of them, Najran University has set its plans to graduate qualified students in various fields of knowledge.

  College of Engineering, as one of the other fourteen colleges of the University, was established in 1431 AH according to the recommendation of the University Council to meet the needs of Najran Region. In its strategic plan, the college has established six scientific departments. They are: Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Industrial Engineering. We are grateful to Allah, that some batches have been graduated from three departments (Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering).

  The College endeavors to provide an integrated learning environment to achieve the plans of its programs which have been built according to the latest international standards and to keep up with the standards of the Saudi National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation (NCAAE) and the American Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET)

These have been done through the following:

- Providing classrooms with the best modern technologies in education to give the student the opportunity of receiving information in more than one way of learning in the classroom. Therefore, students can use the programs of laptops /computers, the applications of tablets and cell devices to synchronize them with the smart projector in the classroom. In addition, they can use other social media applications and E-learning provided by the university.

- Preparing laboratories for all departments of the faculty and providing them with the latest international modern equipment that are compatible with advanced engineering technologies.

 - Recruiting highly qualified academic members.

- Establishing research units in  engineering sciences and sustainability so that students can enrich their knowledge by receiving additional courses, implementing  their graduation projects  and keeping up with the new researches in various fields of engineering such as the use of IOT, Energy Efficiency, and Green Buildings.

  The College of Engineering at Najran University is aware of the goals of the kingdom 2030 vision, so the faculty has adopted two initiatives that have been accredited by the office of Vision Achievement in the Ministry of Education. They are:

- Automating the measurement of learning outcomes in university education;

- Providing dual degree programs in engineering in collaboration with international engineering colleges.


     College of Engineering, Najran University

      Abdullah Alwadie, PhD