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 The Civil Engineering Program at Najran University was established with the inception of the university in 1427 AH corresponding to 2006 AD, and it grants a bachelor's degree in civil engineering. Since its inception, the Civil Engineering Department has been keen to raise the level of quality and maintain the scientific foundations of the civil engineering profession, as the program is highly competitive, highly demanding, and has a decisive impact on progress and development and improving quality and living standards in the Kingdom. We believe that qualified faculty, leaders in their field, dynamic students, and state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities are the cornerstones of our civil engineering program structure .

Job opportunities for civil engineering at the national and regional levels are very high, due to the continuous need to build, improve, maintain and maintain infrastructure. The department obtained program accreditation from the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment “Etimad” at the beginning of the Hijri year 1443, and the department is striving to obtain international accreditation for the program, known for its acronym (ABET), which is the engineering accreditation of the American Council for the Accreditation of Engineering and Technology.


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