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Architectural Engineering


The Architectural Engineering Department at Najran University was founded in 1433/1434 H. The department was the third one to be established after Civil and Electrical Departments at the college of engineering which was founded in 1430/ 1431 H. Architectural engineering Program provides a curriculum leading to the bachelor's degree. It offers the students an opportunity to obtain an engineering education specializing in building design and construction, building-systems integration with all engineering principles and technologies. Architectural engineering shares with civil and mechanical engineering some subjects, but is distinct in its exclusive concentration on building projects. Architectural engineering students should have an aptitude in and an appreciation of the following areas of knowledge: building structures, building mechanical systems, building electrical systems, construction management and built environment. From the beginning, the department of Architectural Engineering has developed its program according to ABET requirements in terms of the number of Credit Hours required for the program as well as the course work contents including the program educational objectives and its outcomes. Generally, Architectural Engineering combines architecture and engineering to focus on the links between building design and construction.