It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the Architectural Engineering Department (AED) page. AED is the third department to be established within the College of Engineering in 1433 H. The main concern of the department is the integration of the main building domains which are the structural, mechanical, electrical and the construction techniques and the construction management into architectural designs.


The Architectural Engineering Program does take up the concept of sustainable buildings as an ultimate goal and thus tailor every pit and pieces to achieve the set goals. The need for this specialty has been dictated by the rapid escalation of the construction industry and the technological boom in the modern Saudi Arabia. The program includes 135 credit hours after the preparatory year.


Finally, we hope that you will find all the necessary information about our department on this website. You are always welcome to visit us in the new university campus to meet our faculty members and ARE students to provide you with any further information.


Dr. Saad M. AlQuhtani