Vision, Mission and Goals - College of Engineering

Vision and Mission


Department Vision

Achieving excellence and development in the field of civil engineering to prepare competencies and cadres of engineers capable of development and advancement of society within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Department Mission

- Providing distinguished education and professional skills in the field of civil engineering that enable the use of modern technology to develop society through professional and ethical practices, innovative research and community services.

- Developing the educational system and scientific research in the Civil Engineering Department, and seriously participating in solving the problems of society and the surrounding environment.

Department Goals

1. Providing a high-quality civil engineering education that is nationally and internationally recognized.

2. Conducting research that leads to better solutions to problems related to civil engineering and the environment with a focus on issues of national importance by working closely with industrial sectors and research centers.

3. Providing engineering consultancy and technical expertise to solve problems facing the design and implementation of facilities in the community and its engineering sectors.

4. Continuing the development of academic programs to keep pace with scientific progress around the world in building materials and methods and methods of design and construction.

5. Opening the door for postgraduate studies and preparing research programs to serve and preserve the environment.