Vision, Mission and Goals - College of Engineering

: Program Vision
.Leading department in civil engineering education, applied research and .community services 

    : Program Mission
Providing a distinguished environment for high-quality education, to graduate broadly educated, technically competent individuals prepared for professional careers and able to conduct advance studies in civil engineering fields using modern tools to fulfil the community needs and meet KSA's 2030
.vision related to Civil Engineering industry

: Program objectives
The graduates of the Civil Engineering program are expected to attain the
: following program educational objectives
Prepare graduates with adequate engineering knowledge and technical 
competency to work
effectively as civil engineers in consulting, industry, government, and academia

Meet industry expectations in civil engineering with professional 
 knowledge, excellent communications, and leadership skills
Contribute new ideas and innovations that empower advancements in the 
field of civil engineering
Pursue civil engineering professional development through self-learning 
and advanced graduate studies
-Uphold professional and social ethics and function in multi 

  disciplinary teams