Objectives - College of Engineering



The College of Engineering operates through its scientific departments that cover most of the disciplines needed for job market to achieve the following objectives:


1. Objectives in Education and Learning

·  Prepare graduate student able to apply science and engineering methods in practical life, capable of decision-making and dealing with crises, has knowledge  of modern technology and how to deal with it, and able to compete in the labor market in the new circumstances and the changing international community.

·  Contribute to the preparation specialized in various fields that correspond to the needs of the community and technical personnel required for the overall development of the areas and qualified in providing new and updated disciplines required by the labor market.

·  Providing quality education contributes to the preparation of scientists, thinkers and creators who represent the real wealth of the progress of society.

·  Continuous development of academic programs and graduate programs to keep up with scientific and technological progress.


2. Objectives in Scientific Research

·  Conduct scientific research for the dissemination of knowledge in various engineering and scientific fields, in order to find engineering solutions to the problems faced by the public and private sectors in Saudi society.

·  The establishment of research centers and specialized groups to contribute to sustainable development and building a knowledge society through the conversion of research centers and research groups to homes for experience.


3. Objectives in Community Services

·  Provide continuing education for the community and the dissemination of engineering knowledge in the public and private sectors, through short courses, workshops, and conferences, counseling, and lectures.

·  Provide advisory expertise entities productivity, institutions and the services sector for the environment and the development of community service.

·  Supporting and documenting the cultural and scientific links with scientific institutions and engineering colleges of national, Arab and international universities.