Quality and Academic Accreditation Committee (QAAC) - College of Engineering

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Dr. Ibrahim Hakeem

Dr. Ali Alhamami

Dr. Abdulnoor  Ghanim

Dr. Saleh Al-Salem

Dr. Ahmed Abd El Aal

Dr. Gamil Mahyoub

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Shehri

Dr. Ahmed Maglad

  1. Preparing and reviewing academic accreditation reports.

  2. Promoting and establishing a quality culture in the department.

  3. Adopt a standard level of quality that complies with national and international standards.

  4. Developing the skills of academic and administrative staff in the department in the field of quality.

  5. Conducting comparative performance studies (Benchmarking).

  6. Organizing programs and events in the field of academic accreditation.

  7. Support communication between the department and other scientific and academic departments in the college and beyond.

  8. Conducting self-evaluation studies of the department to obtain (or renew) the National or International accreditation.

  9. Follow-up the quality related work of other committees in the department and coordinate the work between them.

  10. Receiving and anlyzing periodic and annual reports related to quality from the other committee’s department.

  11. Preparing reports on the regularity of the quality work of the other committees and submitting reports to the CE chairman.

  12. Propose an operational plan for the department with the appropriate performance indicators.

  13. Supervise the implementation of the college strategic objectives and executive projects that are related to the department.

  14. Any other work and tasks assigned to the committee by the chairman of the department.